otrdiena, 2019. gada 16. jūlijs

Lakes and mountains,
Endless fields and sapphire skies,
Yet still nothing is bluer
Than the cornflower eyes.

piektdiena, 2019. gada 12. jūlijs


We used to spread love,
But then we spread hate
We used to spread love,
But then we spread hate,
We used to spread love,
But then we spread hate

And around and around
We stupidly date.

In a useless demeanor
We stupidly date.
We run from ourselves.
We stupidly date.
We run from ourselves.
We stupidly date.
We run from ourselves.
Until we all hate.

ceturtdiena, 2019. gada 13. jūnijs


Esmu gundega, dzeltena puķe,
Saulaina, kvēla un pretīga skuķe.
Lienu, kur vēlos.
Zālē es eju,
Staigāju viena ar smaidīgu seju.

pirmdiena, 2019. gada 10. jūnijs

Smile, you're the same.

People think that the different ones in this century
Are not oppressed.
People think that if you're quiet and smile,
You're happy and not depressed.
When you walk outside, dressed nice,
You're beautiful. It's not a disguise.
Of how you actually feel.
That you're barely keeping things with your family,
That doesn't really like you, nor cares about things you feel.
Like a Stockholm syndrome, but not a diagnose.
"You are just different, you don't need a dose."
You walk those streets smiling,
But you just feel numb.
Yet you show that emoji of a thumb.
It's all fine, all nice, sugar and spice.
Unaccepted for how you really are,
Forever a weirdo in a disguise.
Go on - throw a dice,
How today will be sunny and nice.

sestdiena, 2019. gada 8. jūnijs

Pretty Baby.|Explicit.

You all are fuckin ridiculous,
And I'm not afraid to say it.
Put those stockings on
And play it.
Cause I am a woman, I'm supposed to
Fuckin sit.
My mouth shut, Imma fancy dog on chain.
I'm so damn lit.
My fur is shinin',
All them boys likin'
Their cowgirl is so strikin'.
Smokin' hot
Black heels, no feels.
Smell my Playboy fragrance
Called "Sex'n'appeals".
An affair or two,
I'm your pretty Mary Sue.
Girl of dreams.
Of thighs and chest,
The costume seams are put to rest.
They crackin',
Cause I'm damn best.
Don't need to put me on to test.
I'll take yo' money, bake the rest,
Into my million dollar breast.
My fire on, boys passin' by,
Mind like a dirty little fly.
I'm so damn lit, mouth shut, perfection!
I'll be your sweetest cherry pie,
Sell me your shit affection.

ceturtdiena, 2019. gada 6. jūnijs

The hunter. (Sinner city). | Explicit.

Who the fuck cares,
If I'm decent or indecent,
Kind or unkind.
The backbiters will stab,
Some people are blind.
And yet love is so hard to find,
They say, but
They know nothing.
And the words they say are cutting.
Protective and festive they walk down the street,
And yet with no reason to stay on their feet.
We walk and we talk, the reason to fuck,
But all of those days, matched in hell
They all suck.
Just like sheets, minds of sheep,
And nothing in the oceans going deep,
The mind talking crap,
Sit on my lap,
While I'll grab out my cock and I'll fap.
Cause I like it, when there is what to tap.
I'm a whole golden fatpoint on the map of my city,
And there's nobody out there I could pity.
All shiny and brave, we go for the fame,
The sinners of city that no one can tame,
Playing ourselves. That's our shitty game.
Gonna call my momma and say she's to blame.
Imma fuckboy. And they'll know my name.

otrdiena, 2019. gada 23. aprīlis

The selkie. (It's so much more.)

I am the writer
Of my life
And of all those things,
By eye you can't find.
The grass greener than real,
The sea with a selkie seal,
The castles and rocks,
Without heavy locks.
Skies blue as they could be,
Autumns rich in colours and so beautiful,
As you could see
A trubadour writing a song,
Yet something... completely wrong.
The beauty is there and so is the might,
Yet something is missing so much, I can't fight...

I can't find.

Yet I can feel you at times.
You may not read my messages,
But I wish you came here tonight.

But you know what?
Fuck my morals.
Fuck my mind.
Just tell me, tell me, if I was that blind.
If that all was a joke,
Just tell me,
If I'm out of my mind.
That I saw all those things.
Did I know where this brings?
I didn't. Yet maybe I did.
So instead of staying in my comfort zone,
I went for you.
And I'd go again and again.
Even if the whole world would tell me I'm mad.
Because I know that I'm not.
I know what I saw. And I stay by it.
I'm not driven by my fear,
And maybe I'm fucking proud.
And I would say out goddamn loud...
In front of everyone
And humiliate myself -
I would, whatever I could,
To keep you.
Is it really that mad?
That the true love is the one I found
And yet I have to seek you out?
How proud have you been
In your whole goddamn life?
When there is given the truth to you
And you pretend to be
Fucking blind.
Hiding from me,
As if I was the threat,
How high are you in your mind for yourself,
Watching from aside, in the shadows you can surely hide,
While I'm suffering,
Me - you,
When there was another choice,
To reach further for what's true,
What a way to deny what you feel,
When we both each other should heal.
For what's true, for what's real.
No written castles, no seals.
No green grasses, blue skies.
No meadow butterflies.
Yet the divine. Unwritten.
Yet true for only the feeling to see.
The light that was meant there to be.

I stand at the shore.
Silent. With the deepest wish.
Of all those roads... please, help me to find.
The love... isn't the right word, it's so much more.
As a selkie in the starlit sea,
My heart swims to you,

Will yours swim to me?

*selkie - a female shapeshifer into a seal from folklore, not meant here as it's original meaning, but rather meant here as a romanticized concept of willing to shapeshift to be able to cross the sea;